The use of mobile devices to access the internet means it's vital your website is designed to work well with Smartphones and tablets of all sizes in addition to more traditional laptops & desktop PC's.
The MYDB system makes full use of Twitters Bootstrap framework which is designed to produce the best style & layout for all devices Mobile First. At MYDB we know the widely used Wordpress package can do this and Wordpress offers a huge range of plugins, add-ons and templates but Wordpress's complexity is often off-putting and there are precious few plugins that can do what many of our customers have asked for which is why we have put together what we hope is a much simpler package that will, we believe, do everything you want it to do and maybe more.

Simple easy to use CMS system

Our custom built Content Management System (CMS) uses MySQL/PHP and is based on twitter's MOBILE FIRST bootstrap framework..

A hosted 'own domain' turn key solution is just £5.99 per month or £59 per year (£10 setup for monthly accounts) no minimum period.


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CMS + E-commerce 

Finding it hard to get a Wordpress plug-in store to work how you need it to work? Our integrated system controls your stock and has a large number of features?

We use PayPal express so your customers can pay without the need to register first?

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CMS + Calendar & Booking

Mobile first Bootstrap based calendar with optional booking /payment system.

You can even sell products using our E-commerce system. Sell tickets for events, time slots, Time based subscriptions & memberships (with optional members access page).

All you need is a PayPal account.

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E-Commerce options

Payments to you
, MYDB is designed to work exclusively with PayPal, using the advanced PayPal API your customers are able to make purchases quickly & easily.. A Customer selects their items / services etc. and adds them to their shopping cart. When they click 'Pay / Buy Now' they are taken to PayPal where they can either pay using their own PayPal account or a credit / debit card. Once the payment has been successfully made customers are returned to your own website along with their details which get stored. If this is a new customer an account will be setup for them. Email confirmation of the order is sent to you & your customer, depending on what was purchased you might need to ship goods.
You sell or the items are sold by someone else ie. Amazon, no problem you can still include items in your shop, just select 'not sold by us' and enter in the sellers full URL for the item including any reseller codes you might need to include, when your customer clicks the 'buy' button they will be taken to the external store via the link.
The MYDB system includes various catagories of things you might sell or trade in these include:
Physical products are any item that you have to ship (not digital downloads). MYDB includes up to two options (variations) to help you build a range of an item i.e a garment might come in multiple sizes & colours, rather than having to add each size & colour seperately MYDB allows you to add them in one go by setting up the colour & size ranges first. Options do not have to be colours & sizes, they may be variations like Softback & Hardback. By having seperate items you can have individual pricing & run stock control.

Services (no delivery), use this for items that have no variations or delivery options i.e. Programming, Accountancy, Art Work, Book Keeping, anything you charge for that isn't a physical item which may well be your time.

Image gallery allows you to add images to the system in the form of an image gallery (or multiple galleries). you can choose to offer images for sale or not, include descriptions & information about each image. Images need to be a minimum of 750px wide and 500 px high, you can choose one of two display methods.

Calendar events appear on the calendar (optional) and / or in 'optional' seperate tables based on the type of event i.e. Yoga classes or Concerts or anything that happens at at a specipic time and date and might appear in the calendar. MYDB includes ticketing to control numbers, you can also use MYDB for FREE events where people are required to pre-register or you can hide the buy / register option entirely and provide details of what a customer needs to do to attend.

Subscriptions, if you have entered a supcription MYDB page builder will include a facility to make a page (or pages) restricted to members, this can be time based allowing you to sell subscriptions (you can also set the price to £0.00) members will automatically be sent renewal notices, which you can format.
We can also modify systems to meet your specific requirements and we often build websites for customers, project manage & work with web designers. With our many years experience with PHP & MySQL we can build pretty much whatever you want or need and if you are not sure what you need we can help you with that as well.